The Settings screen contains options for managing your account, your subscription and billing info and various other things.

Changing Your Display Name

Your display name is what other Padloc users will see next to your email address if your are a member of any organizations. To change your display name, simply click the icon in the Profile section, then enter the desired name and click Save.

Logging Out

To log out of your account, click the button labeled Log Out under in the Security section. This will delete all your locally stored data and bring you back to the login screen.

Changing Your Master Password

To change your master password, click the button labeled Change Master Password in the Security section. After entering your current password, enter your new password and confirm it by retyping it in the input below. To confirm the change, click OK.

Auto Lock

The Auto Lock section allows you to configure whether you want to Padloc to automatically lock after a certain period of inactivity (no interaction with the app). To enable or disable the feature, simply toggle the button labeled Lock Automatically. To adjust the duration after which the app should auto-lock, drag the slider right below the button.

The settings screen contains options for managing your account and various other things

Managing Your Subscription

In the Subscription section, you’ll see your current plan, your subscription fee and your quotas for numbers of items in your private vault and amount of file storage.

Organizations have separate billing accounts that can be found on the organization’s settings page. To learn more on how to manage your organizations subscription and billing info, check out the Organizations & Shared Vaults section of the manual.

Upgrading to the Premium plan

If you are on the free plan, you’ll have a limit of 50 vault items and no file storage (unless you’re part of an organization with a paid plan, in which case you’ll have unlimited items). To upgrade to the Premium plan and get unlimited vault items and the ability to store attachments, click the button labeled Get Premium and follow the instructions.

Canceling your Premium subscription

To cancel your Premium subscription, click the icon and select Cancel Subscription. You will continue to have access to all premium features until the end of the current billing cycle, after which your plan will automatically revert to the Free plan.

Resuming your Premium subscription

If you canceled your Premium subscription, you can resume it at any time, by clicking the icon and selecting Resume Subscription.

Updating your billing info

To update your payment method, billing address and other billing-related info, click icon within the Billing Info section, then fill out your updated information and click Save.

You can update your payment method and other billing information under Billing Info

Deleting Your Account

Note: Before you can delete your account, you will first have to delete any organizations you own. For details on how to delete an organization, check out the Organizations & Shared Vaults section of the manual.

To delete your Padloc account, click the button labeled Delete Account at the very bottom of the settings screen. You’ll have to enter your master password, then confirm your choice by typing out the word “DELETE”. Deleting your account will cancel any active subscriptions and permanently erase all your data from Padloc. This action is not reversible!