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How to Migrate Your Data to Padloc 3 From Previous Versions

Saturday, Sep 7, 2019

Here is how to migrate your data from previous versions of Padloc (v2.7 or older) to Padloc 3:

Step 1: Export Your Data

Let’s start by exporting your existing data. To do this, start the old Padlock app (Padlock v2.7) and go to the settings screen. Click “Export…” and select the option to export your data as an encrypted file. Choose a password and save the file to your computer.

Encrypted Export

Step 2: Create A Padloc 3 Account

If you don’t have a Padloc 3 account yet, create one now. To do this, simply go to https://web.padloc.app/signup and follow the instructions. If you have an existing Padlock Cloud account, any active subscriptions and payment methods will be carried over.

Step 3: Import Your Data

Now you’re ready to import your data into your Padloc 3 account! If you haven’t yet, go to https://web.padloc.app and login. Now go to settings and click “Import…”. Select the file you created in step 1 and follow the instructions.

Encrypted Export

Step 4: Delete Your Padlock Cloud Account (Optional)

If you have an existing Padlock Cloud account, we recommend deleting it after you have migrated your data. To do this, log into the Padlock Cloud Dashboard and select “Advanced Options > Delete Account”.