Sat Jul 30 2022

Padloc v4 Released

It's been a while since our last big update, but trust us: it was worth the wait! Padloc v4 doesn't only come with a fresh coat of paint, there are also quite a few new features to get excited about!

Just want to know where to get Padloc 4? You can grab the latest version from our downloads page or try out the web app right from your browser.

Advanced Session Management and Multi-Factor Authentication

As the custodians of some of your most sensitive data, protecting you account and associated data is our topmost priority. With Padloc 4, we've introduced quite a few new features to help keep your account secure. Not only can you now see and manage all your active sessions and trusted devices, we've also added support for additional multi-factor authentication methods like YubiKey Google Authenticator, Authy and more!

Screenshot of Padloc app showing multi-factor authentication options.
You can now add hardware tokens like YubiKeys to protect your account!

Security Report

Using a password manager like Padloc is a great way to get rid of bad security habits like using weak passwords or reusing the same password across multiple services. But as we all know, bad habits die hard, so it can't hurt to have someone double-checking your stored credentials for any remaining weaknesses or problems!

Padloc 4 introduces the Security Report, which not only points out weak and reused passwords to you, but even identifies passwords that have been compromised by checking them against a database of known data breaches (powered by

Screenshot of the new 'Security Report' feature
The new security report points out weak, reused and compromised passwords for you!

Rich Text Notes With Markdown Support

Although we keep referring to Padloc as a "Password Manager", it has always been much more than that! Padloc has a variety of field types that allow you to store all kinds of things.

One of those fields, the notes field just has become a lot more powerful! In addition to free-form, multi-line editing, Padloc now supports a variety of formatting options like headings, lists, code blocks and more! But it gets better: The new notes editor also comes with a fullscreen mode and even markdown support!

Screenshot of the new richtext notes feature
Padloc now has a powerful rich text notes editor with markdown support!

Dark Mode

Yeah, we know, we're late to the party - but better late than never! In addition to the default, light theme, Padloc 4 now has a dark theme as well. You can switch between the two at will, or you can let Padloc adjust automatically to your system settings. Dark mode is not only easier on the eyes in darker environments, we think it looks pretty cool, too!

(Pssst... in case you didn't notice, this website now has dark mode, too... 🥷)

Screenshot showing off the new dark theme
The new dark theme is not only easy on the eyes, it also looks pretty cool.

And much more...

This was only a quick preview of all the cool new things that can be found in Padloc 4! Ready to dive in? Then go ahead and grab the latest version from our downloads page or try out the web app right from your browser!