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Padlock v2.7 Released

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It’s time for another update! Apart from the usual bug fixes and tweaks, Padlock 2.7 brings some new features and user experience improvements. Without further ado, here are some of the changes you’ll find in this release:

Introducing Tags

Probably the most significant in this release is the introduction of tags. Tags are replacing what was previously called ‘categories’ and they work in much the same way while being more flexible and generally more powerful.

Where you could only add a single category to each record, you can now add as many tags as you’d like! Tags, just like the old categories, are incredibly useful to group certain related records together, making discovering and managing your data even easier! For example, you might want to distinguish your personal secrets from work-related data or your financial information for your social media accounts.

Introducing Tags

Want to list all records related to a certain tag? Simply type the tag name in the search bar or select it from the new Tags section in the main menu! Tags are designed to be easy and intuitive to use while giving you a maximum amount of flexibility. You decide how (and if!) you want to use them.

Don’t worry, you won’t use your existing categories as they’ll simply be converted to tags!

Improved UX For Viewing And Editing Fields

New Field UX

Providing an intuitive yet flexible way of interacting fields (the actual data stored within your records) has always been one of our main challenges when it comes to usability. Our goal is to provide a consistent user experience on all platforms - both mobile and desktop - while still utilizing the strengths of each environment.

For example, if you’ve used the iOS or Android app, we want your to feel right at home when you switch over to your Mac, Windows or even Linux machine. To that end, we are continuously refining and tweaking our user interface to get closer to that seamless, intuitive user experience that our users are looking for. We hope you’ll like the changes we’ve made in this version!

Removed “Hover-To-Reveal” Feature

Adding features is always nice, but sometimes, in an effort to stay true to our philosophy of minimalist design and ‘security through simplicity’, we find it necessary to reevaluate and if necessary remove existing features.

Previous versions of the desktop version allowed to quickly reveal a fields value within the list view by moving the mouse over it. While this was a nice little gimmick, it turned out that in practice it was not actually that useful. In fact, many users felt that the feature was sacrificing security by causing them to inadvertently reveal possibly sensitive information while they were using the app in public settings. For the above reasons, we decided to remove the feature.

Note that this change does not affect the click-to-copy functionality within the list view, which remains one of our favorite convenience features!

We Love Your Feedback!

The opinion of our users is immensely important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve Padlock, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email! Or maybe you think Padlock is perfect the way it is and want to help spread the word? We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to rate the app in the app store on iOS, Android, or ChromeOS!