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Padlock v2.4 Released

Thursday, Jan 4, 2018
Due to a bug in version 2.3, Padlock for Desktop will not automatically discover any new updates unless the **Automatically Download And Install Updates** option is enabled. You can find this option under **Settings > Updates**. To install the update, simply enable this option and restart the app. Alternatively, you can download the new version manually from our [downloads page](/downloads/).

Design And User Experience Refinements

One thing that sets Padlock apart from other password managers is our focus on user experience and design. We don’t just want Padlock to be secure and efficient, but also visually pleasing and fun to use.

v2.4 Visual Changes

We think you’ll love the visual refinements that we made for Padlock 2.4! Especially the desktop app now looks better than ever. We made some changes to make the app look more consistent across different operating systems while still retaining the native look and feel on each platform. Padlock now also takes full advantage of the beautiful screen on the iPhone X!

Improved Setup Process

v2.4 Setup Process on iPhone X

The biggest functional changes in v2.4 is a new and improved setup screen. Padlock will now guide new users through the setup process step-by-step, offering useful information and tips along the way. We think that the setup process is one of the most critical parts of the user experience and the one that probably causes the most confusion for new users. We will continue to improve this process by introducing more guidance and tools for things like choosing a master password, setting up regular backups and more!

We Love Your Feedback!

The opinion of our users is immensely important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve Padlock, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email! Or maybe you think Padlock is perfect the way it is and want to help spread the word? We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to rate the app in the app store on iOS, Android, or ChromeOS!