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Releasing 2.1 And Padlock for Linux

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017

When we released Padlock 2.0 we promised to keep the updates coming and this is what we’re doing! Padlock 2.1 brings a lot of incremental improvements, many of which were inspired by direct feedback from our users.

Among other things, we think you’ll love the changes we made to the list view, which now looks lighter and less cluttered and features an improved version of the alphabetic sections from Padlock 1 that a lot of people where missing in 2.0! You’ll also notice easier editing of records, new animations and an overall smoother user experience.

Padlock for Linux

We love the open source community, and Linux is definitely a big part of it! While it’s always been possible for Linux users to build and run the app from source, a lot of people have been waiting for a official build (we were quite surprised by how many!) and so we’re happy to finally announce the first official beta release of Padlock for Linux! Header over to the downloads page to get it!

**Note for Windows users:** Unfortuately there is a bug in Padlock 2.0.x for Windows preventing users to install updates directly from within the app. You can download and install the latest release manually from the [downloads page](https://padlock.io/downloads/).