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Padlock v2.0 Released

Friday, Sep 1, 2017
New Design

We’re very excited to announce the release of Padlock 2.0! This new version comes with many major enhancements, like improved overall stability and performance, increased security and, most importantly, a completely overhauled user experience.

A Fresh New Look

Padlock is now prettier and more functional than ever! For Padlock 2.0 we came up with a completely new design that combines the minimalist playfulness of the old look with a stronger focus on efficiency and usablity. The new user interface gives you faster and easier access to your data while making slighly more complex tasks like editing records or generating passwords much more efficient and intuitive. Let us know what you think of the new design!

**Note:** Since Padlock 2.0 uses a slightly different encryption scheme than older versions, you might experience problems when trying to synchronize a device running 2.0 with devices running 1.x. Don't worry though, you can fix the problem by simply updating all your devices to the latest version!

More Security, Better Performance

Apart from the visual overhaul, this release also features a lot of improvements under the hood. Padlock 2.0 was built from the ground up with stability, security and performance in mind and you’ll notice these changes in the form of faster loading times, more responsiveness and an overall smoother user experience.


Padlock wants to speak your language! So far Padlock has only been available in English but this is going to change! Starting with this release we will be gradually adding translations for other languages to make the app more accessible to our users around the world. Padlock 2.0 features German as the first supported language besides English. Do you want to help translate Padlock into your language? Shoot us an email at contact@padlock.io!

Padlock for Desktop

Padlock for Desktop has been available as a beta version for a while now. With the release of Padlock 2.0, we are happy to announce that both the MacOS and Windows clients are now officially out of beta! We’ve also added lots of optimizations to make full use of the larger form factor like keyboard shortcuts and a new layout for bigger screens. If you have the app installed already, you should receive the update automatically. If not, go ahead and grab it from the downloads page!

Padlock For Desktop
**Note:** With the first stable release of our native desktop apps, we strongly encourage users who have been using [Padlock for Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/padlock/npkoefjfcjbknoeadfkbcdpbapaamcif) to switch to the new, native client. Read [this announcement](/blog/discontinuing-chrome/) for more details!

Stay Tuned For More

With this big chunk of a release out of the way, we can once more focus on smaller, incremental improvements so get ready for a steady stream of updates in the near future! If you find any problems with the app or have any suggestions for improvements, let us know here or simply shoot us an email!