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Padlock Cloud: Introducing Paid Plan

Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

We believe that digital privacy and security are basic human needs and we want to make Padlock and Padlock Cloud available to as many people as possible. However, writing software is a lot of work and hosting an online service comes with many expenses from things like hosting, server maintenance and customer support. This is why, in order to sustain Padlock as a project and to drive future development, we’re introducing a paid monthly plan for access to the official Padlock Cloud service. After a thirty day trial period, users will be required to buy a subscription in order to retain full access to Padlock Cloud. Don’t worry though, we won’t lock you out of your account! Even without a subscription, you will still be able to pair new devices with your account and download your existing data, but you won’t be able to upload any new data or synchronize changes between devices.

We want to emphasize that we remain committed to keeping Padlock and Padlock Cloud completely open source. Don’t want to pay for Padlock Cloud or simply don’t trust us with storing your data? With the official release of Padlock Cloud v1.0 it is now easier than ever to set up your own Padlock Cloud server! For details on how to do this, check out the code repository on Github! Furthermore, the Padlock app itself will continue to to be completely free and using Padlock Cloud is and will always be completely optional!