Tue May 22 2018

GDPR Compliance And Updated Privacy Policy

On May 25 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. The GDPR is a new, EU-wide privacy and data protection law that marks the most important change in data privacy regulation in decades. It calls for more granular privacy guardrails in an organization’s systems, more nuanced data protection agreements, and more consumer-friendly and detailed disclosures about an organization’s privacy and data protection practices.

Naturally, as custodians of your most sensitive and private data we value privacy, security and transparency above anything else and we support and welcome the GDPR and the new protections and rights it ensures for our users.

For you as a Padlock user, not much will change on May 25. We have always been committed to treating your data with the utmost care and respect and will continue to do so whether the law compels us or not. While we are introducing some changes to our software and infrastructure to fully comply with the new regulations, Padlock will continue to work the same way without any actions required on your side.

We have updated our Privacy Policy to better document how we collect, process and protect your personal information. It is written in plain, easily understandable language and we encourage you to review it and approach us with any questions you may have.