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Discontinuing Padlock For Chrome

Friday, Sep 1, 2017

In August 2016, Google announced that they would be discontinuing support for Chrome Web Apps for all Platforms except ChromeOS by early 2018. Padlock for Chrome was the first version of Padlock available on the Desktop, but even before Googles announcement it was getting clear that it was time to find a better way to distribute Padlock for Desktop environments. Last year we released the first beta versions of our native apps for MacOS and Windows. With the release of Padlock 2.0, these are now officially out of beta! Our native apps feature the same user experience, higher security and a better performance than Padlock for Chrome so there is no reason not to switch right now!

**Note:** This announcement is only for Padlock for Chrome on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Padlock will continue to be available for ChromeOS via the Chrome Web Store for the foreseeable future.

How To Switch

Switching from Padlock for Chrome to the native desktop app is easy! First, head over to the downloads page and download the native app for your platform. Second, migrate your data over. There are two ways to migrate your data from Padlock for Chrome to the native app.

Via Padlock Cloud

The easiest way to migrate your data is to synchronize it via Padlock Cloud. If you haven’t used Padlock Cloud before, check out this article on how to synchronize your data with Padlock Cloud!

Via Export / Import

A slighly more pedestrian way to move your data is to export it from Padlock for Chrome first, and then import the same file to the native app. The following articles explain how to use Padlocks import and export features:

How To Export Data From Padlock

How To Import Data Into Padlock