Sun Mar 15 2020

Releasing The Padloc Browser Extension

We've made you wait for way too long, but now it is finally here! The Padloc browser extension gives you fast and convenient access to you Padloc account directly from your browser!

Filling forms via drag & drop

In addition to being a full-featured Padloc client (you can do almost everything you can do with the native apps), the extensions nicely integrates with the browser it lives in, giving you a few extra features. Here are just some of the things the Padloc Extension can do:

  • Access and manage your vaults and organizations directly from the browser.
  • Automatically finds relevant entries for you based on the site your visiting.
  • Fill out form elements with an intuitive drag & drop interaction.
  • Conveniently fill forms directly from the context menu (right click on any form element).
  • All the other features you know from our other apps, like a powerful password generator, file previews and more!
Filling forms via context menu

The Padloc Browser extension is available now for Firefox and Chrome via the respective extension stores. Check out our download page for the links!

Oh and one more thing: The drag & drop feature is also available in the latest version of our desktop apps and the web client and it doesn't just work with web pages! Go ahead, try it! 😉