• Announcing Padloc 3 (Coming Soon)

    Monday, Aug 26, 2019

    After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce another major update: Padloc 3.0! This is the most significant update in quite some time, and we can’t wait to tell you about all the improvements and exciting new features we have in store for you! Padlock Becomes Padloc First off, if you’ve been following the projects development, you probably noticed something weird about the title. No, it’s not a typo!... Read More

  • Security Audit By NCC Group

    Monday, Aug 26, 2019

    As a user of Padloc, you entrust us with some of your most sensitive and private data and we recognise the immense responsibility that comes with this. Padloc is built from the ground up with a focus on security, privacy and transparency and we employ these principles every step along the way when handling your data. As a security-sensitive service, cryptography and information security is at the very heart of our product.... Read More

  • GDPR Compliance And Updated Privacy Policy

    Tuesday, May 22, 2018

    On May 25 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. The GDPR is a new, EU-wide privacy and data protection law that marks the most important change in data privacy regulation in decades. It calls for more granular privacy guardrails in an organization’s systems, more nuanced data protection agreements, and more consumer-friendly and detailed disclosures about an organization’s privacy and data protection practices. Naturally, as custodians of your most sensitive and private data we value privacy, security and transparency above anything else and we support and welcome the GDPR and the new protections and rights it ensures for our users.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.7 Released

    Thursday, May 10, 2018

    It’s time for another update! Apart from the usual bug fixes and tweaks, Padlock 2.7 brings some new features and user experience improvements. Without further ado, here are some of the changes you’ll find in this release: Introducing Tags Probably the most significant in this release is the introduction of tags. Tags are replacing what was previously called ‘categories’ and they work in much the same way while being more flexible and generally more powerful.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.6 Released

    Sunday, Apr 1, 2018

    Padlock 2.6 is out, and it’s one of the biggest updates yet! The main goal of this release was to refine the user experience in some key parts of the app, and after a lot of hard work, we couldn’t be more happy with the result! Here are some of the changes you’ll find in the new version: New Main Menu In previous versions of Padlock we could get away without using a full menu but as we are starting to include more features, we found that we needed to find a better way of accessing advanced functionality and move between different parts of the user interface.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.5 Released

    Thursday, Mar 1, 2018

    We’re happy to announce another incremental update! Apart from the usual bug fixes and minor tweaks, Padlock 2.5 introduces two major changes: Visual Clipboard Using the clipboard is a convenient and fast way to transfer data between Padlock and other applications. However, letting sensitive data sit in your clipboard for an extended amount of time can be dangerous, as other applications may access this data without you noticing. To mitigate this, and to make using the clipboard even more convenient and secure, we’re introducing the new visual clipboard!... Read More

  • Padlock v2.4 Released

    Thursday, Jan 4, 2018

    Due to a bug in version 2.3, Padlock for Desktop will not automatically discover any new updates unless the **Automatically Download And Install Updates** option is enabled. You can find this option under **Settings Updates**. To install the update, simply enable this option and restart the app. Alternatively, you can download the new version manually from our [downloads page](/downloads/). Design And User Experience Refinements One thing that sets Padlock apart from other password managers is our focus on user experience and design.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.3 Released

    Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017

    We’re excited to announce the release of Padlock 2.3! Continuing the theme of listening to our users feedback, we are introducing two new, often requested features in this release: New “Recently Used” Section We believe that quickly and efficiently finding the data you need is one of the most important features of any password manager. The filter function already offers a very fast and convenient way to find a specific record.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.2 Released

    Friday, Oct 20, 2017

    We’re happy to announce the release of another incremental update! Padlock version 2.2.0 addresses an issue that was brought up by many of our users. In previous versions field values in the record view would always be displayed openly without a way to hide sensitive values short of closing the record completely. This can be a problem when using Padlock in a public place where others might use the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your data.... Read More

  • Releasing 2.1 And Padlock for Linux

    Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017

    When we released Padlock 2.0 we promised to keep the updates coming and this is what we’re doing! Padlock 2.1 brings a lot of incremental improvements, many of which were inspired by direct feedback from our users. Among other things, we think you’ll love the changes we made to the list view, which now looks lighter and less cluttered and features an improved version of the alphabetic sections from Padlock 1 that a lot of people where missing in 2.... Read More

  • Padlock v2.0 Released

    Friday, Sep 1, 2017

    We’re very excited to announce the release of Padlock 2.0! This new version comes with many major enhancements, like improved overall stability and performance, increased security and, most importantly, a completely overhauled user experience. A Fresh New Look Padlock is now prettier and more functional than ever! For Padlock 2.0 we came up with a completely new design that combines the minimalist playfulness of the old look with a stronger focus on efficiency and usablity.... Read More

  • Discontinuing Padlock For Chrome

    Friday, Sep 1, 2017

    In August 2016, Google announced that they would be discontinuing support for Chrome Web Apps for all Platforms except ChromeOS by early 2018. Padlock for Chrome was the first version of Padlock available on the Desktop, but even before Googles announcement it was getting clear that it was time to find a better way to distribute Padlock for Desktop environments. Last year we released the first beta versions of our native apps for MacOS and Windows.... Read More

  • Announcing Padlock for Windows (Beta)

    Sunday, Nov 27, 2016

    Two weeks ago we announced the first beta release of our standalone desktop app for Mac. Today, with the second beta release, we’re adding support for Windows as well! To use it, simply download and run the installer from the downloads page. For those who are already using Padlock for Mac, the new release will be downloaded and installed automatically. For an overview over what has changed, see the release notes.... Read More

  • Announcing Padlock for Mac (Beta)

    Sunday, Nov 13, 2016

    Today we’re happy to announce the first beta release of Padlock for Mac! The new, native desktop app can be downloaded and installed directly from our site without the need of any additional software (previously the app could only be installed through the Chrome Web Store). Of course, Padlock for Mac can be paired with Padlock Cloud so you can easily synchronize your data with your iOS or Android device! Head over to the downloads page to get the app now!... Read More

  • Security Audit by Cure53

    Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

    Password managers like Padlock are different from most other applications in that they deal with personal and sensitive data and therefore require a significant level of trust from their users and have to be held to a much higher standard when it comes to security and privacy. We believe that the best foundation for trust is transparency which is one of the reasons why we’re so strongly committed to the idea of Open Source.... Read More

  • Padlock Cloud: Introducing Paid Plan

    Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

    We believe that digital privacy and security are basic human needs and we want to make Padlock and Padlock Cloud available to as many people as possible. However, writing software is a lot of work and hosting an online service comes with many expenses from things like hosting, server maintenance and customer support. This is why, in order to sustain Padlock as a project and to drive future development, we’re introducing a paid monthly plan for access to the official Padlock Cloud service.... Read More

  • Padlock v1.1 Released

    Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

    Today we’re releasing v1.1 of the Padlock app for Android, iOS and Google Chrome / Chrome OS. Apart from the usual bug fixes and tweaks, this version introduces a couple of minor changes to take full advantage of the latest features added to Padlock Cloud. Most notably, users can now manage their account and connected devices through the new online dashboard! We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce our plans to release standalone desktop versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux in the very near future!... Read More

  • Padlock Cloud v1.0 Released

    Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016

    We’re excited to announce the official release of Padlock Cloud v1.0! For those who are not yet familiar with it, Padlock Cloud is an online storage service for the Padlock app that provides a secure and convenient way to back up your data in the cloud and seamlessly synchronize changes between devices. Just like the Padlock app itself, Padlock Cloud is completely open source and with this first official stable release of the source code, it is now easier than ever to deploy a custom instance of the service to your own server!... Read More

  • Padlock v1.0 Released

    Thursday, Sep 8, 2016

    We’re pleased to announce that Padlock v1.0 has been released! This is the biggest release yet, and apart from the usual bug fixes and polish we have a couple of neat additions for you (see below)! Most the changes, though, have been “under the hood” and even though they are not directly visible to most users they will bring great improvements in stability, reliability and security. Security, of course, has always been our main priority when building Padlock and we’re happy to tell you that we have been working with the Open Technology Fund and the security experts at cure53 to identify and eliminate possible vulnerabilities and further strengthen the security of the app!... Read More

  • Update to v1.0 to Keep Using Padlock Cloud!

    Thursday, Sep 8, 2016

    Along with the release of Padlock v1.0 we are also rolling out a major update to the Padlock Cloud service. Unfortunately, this means that Padlock Cloud clients of version 0.12 or earlier will not be able to access Padlock Cloud anymore. When trying to synchronize data or pair new devices, the app will show a generic error message. In addition, users will receive an email reminding them to update to the latest version of Padlock.... Read More