All your sensitive data
in one secure place.

Lock away all your passwords, documents and other important information with this refreshingly simple password manager!

Delightfully Simple.

As important as it is, we know that worrying about data security and password hygiene is about as much fun as doing your taxes. That's why we made Padloc as beautiful, intuitive and dead simple to use as possible.
No clutter, no distractions!

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Effortlessly Portable.

Padloc is available on all major platforms and synchronizing your devices is fast and easy. We securely store your data in the cloud so you have access to it from anywhere, any time!

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Transparently Secure.

We believe that transparency and openness are the best foundation for trust so we are building Padloc completely out in the open. Our source code is developed under an open source licence so anyone can review it, provide feedback and even offer contributions at any time!

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Better Together.

Want to share your passwords and documents with your family or team members? No problem! Padloc makes it easy to share and manage your sensitive data within your family, business or any other kind of organization.

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